Gaming PC - GTX 970 | 16GB DDR4 | 240GB SSD | RGB

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SSD size: 240gb
AC-450mbps WIFI/Bluetooth: No
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We back again

Its slighty bigger, but its more packed

its much more gamer.

We know GPUs are a struggle atm, so we created an amazing ultra budget option that not only looks amazing but can perform quite well in E-Sports and some newer titles. PC is a mix of refurbed and new parts, but with a 1 year warranty on the PC alone you know you're covered.

Case -SilverStone Precision PS15 RGB TG mATX Case Black
CPU- Intel i5-6500 [Refurb]
GRAPHICS- GTX 970 4GB OC Strix [Refurb]
MOTHERBOARD - Asus H110m-A [Refurb]
STORAGE - Gigabyte SATA 240gb SSD
RAM - 16GB Crucial 2400mhz [Refurb]
PSU -Antec 500w Neo 80+
CPU Cooler - Intel Stock cooler [Refurb]
Fans - FARA ARGB 3PCK Fans
Software - Windows 10 home (Unactivated)
WIFI - USB 300mbps
1 year warranty

- More storage can be added to the build! Just add it to cart and send us a comment after checkout!

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